skin care patient
skin care patient
skin care patient


AF signature facial combines the old and new concepts in skin care, latest and most advanced technologies available, each of which are proven to be safe and effective, purposefully chosen and arranged together to provide a healthy glow to your skin. This signature package will continue to develop and evolve with advances in new research and novel therapeutics, to ensure we provide the most up to date dermatologic therapeutics available


Medical facials incorporate medical grade ingredients, prescribed by our medical specialists to suit each patient’s needs. These ingredients are then applied through specialised devices to ensure adequate transepidermal absorption in order to provide the intended benefit.

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skin care patient
skin care patient


We provide professional grade agents in optimal concentrations for a range of peels followed by treatments to promote rapid recovery to ensure safe and effective treatments with minimal downtime.


Skin care routines are incorporated with medical grade lasers used in low energy settings to provide safe and effective treatments without any downtime. These treatments are suitable for mild pigments or rosacea and will provide brighter and healthier skin.


Our acne care programs start with medical assessment to correctly identify the causes and types of acne. The treatments aim to reduce sebum secretion and acne causing micro organisms to reduce overall inflammation which may result in acne, pore size and skin texture improvements. Medical skin conditions that may be associated with acne also can improve without some of the side effects from taking systemic oral medications.


Do these facial treatments hurt?

These facial treatments may hurt depending on the tolerance of the patient. Patients may feel uncomfortable due to the tingling sensation from the chemicals and laser treatments. But these are done by our medical professionals under controlled conditions to make sure that all our patients get the best care.

How long to wait before the results are seen?

The results may vary depending on the skin condition of the patients. Another factor to consider is how the patient’s skin responds to the treatment. But here in our clinic, we ensure to give the best treatment plan to make sure that our patients get the best result in the least amount of time.

How much does a treatment cost?

The cost of our treatment depends on the plan that our medical professional will create for our patients. Some patients may need more procedures while others may need minimal treatment.

Are these procedures done by Medical professionals?

We take pride in our service that is why all our procedures are done under the supervision and care of a licensed medical professional.