At AF, we are all about lifting and tightening. These technologies and concepts go back to early 2000 when a handful of radiofrequency devices were introduced, but these were painful, had significant downtime and side effects, yet the results were inconsistent. The technology over the past 20 years have significantly improved, and we are pleased to announce we provide all safe, proven, latest technologies available in the world. Each device utilises different energy and delivery method, and because not one device is perfect, we have combined different devices together to provide synergistic outcome. These include Profound, Ulthera, Thermage FLX, Accent Prime, and Secret.

AF is an Authentic and Approved Provider for all showcased devices.

AF Ultimate Lifting

“All of our devices for the ultimate glow.”

  • Ulthera for deep tightening
  • Thermage FLX for upper layer tightening, eyelids
  • TuneFace Accent Prime for reshaping jawlines, volumizing midface
  • Secret for fine lines, wrinkles, forehead and glabella lines, and pore reduction
thread lifting

AF Countouring

“Powerful jawline and submental reshaping, midface volumizing.”

  • Profound for powerful countouring
  • TuneFace for enhanced reshaping and upper layer tightening
thread lifting

AF Signature Lifting

“Internal tightening and external lifting.”

thread lifting

AF Premium Lifting

“Powerful lifting and contouring.”

  • Ulthera for deep tighteninig
  • TuneFace for upper layer tightening, jawline reshaping, and midface volumizing.
thread lifting

AF NeckTight

“Safe and effective modality with minimum downtime.”

  • Secret Neck Lifting for precisely controlled depth of bipolar energy.
  • Biocompatible Collagen booster.

AF Lines (Thread Lifting)

Fine and soft flexible threads made of dissolvable material, Polydioxanone (PDO) in different shapes and sizes are introduced through a small needle, strategically placed in different layers to provide not only lifting and tightening, but also improvement in colour and texture of your skin through improved circulation.  The results are seen immediately, and the results may last more than 2 years.


We provide expert assessment and advice regarding surgical options. Please come and meet our friendly experts to discuss in detail.

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Does lifting work?

The benefits of non-surgical lifting and tightening procedures require our biological reaction to take place to be visible. There may be immediate collagen shrinking after the procedure, and when combined with temporary oedema, some patients find significant improvement which is only short lived. The true longer lasting improvements tend to occur slowly over time, over several months. We utilise 3D clinical photography with Vectra (Canfield USA) which provides detailed and quantified image analysis which can demonstrate the improvement, although most patients may not require the computer to tell us they look better.

How long does a lifting last?

Generally, the benefits from non-surgical procedures may last from 6 months to 2 years depending on the energy-based device used. Surgical lifting may last longer, however, this is still not considered a permanent result since our natural ageing process will continue and the results may gradually diminish over time.

Are there any side effects?

Temporary redness and swelling are the most common skin reactions after the procedure although bruises may occur with treatments such as Profound. Rarely blistering superficial bun injury may develop due to heat accumulation. These reactions are rare, but should any issues arise, we are confident we can aid to full recovery.

Which is more effective? Non-surgical lifting or surgical lifting?

Each treatment modalities have their pros and cons, and each patient have different requirements, depending on genetic factors, age, gender, and social circumstances. Our team of expert medical specialists will provide assessment and advise you appropriate treatment plans customised for each patient for the best outcome. Of course, we will listen to the patient to understand the needs first.