PicoWay is an ultrashort pulsed laser providing the shortest pulsewidth available amongst all picosecond devices, perhaps the only true “picosecond” laser, providing the new paradigm in medical grade lasers.  It also provides novel wavelengths with unique properties with unmatched clinical efficacy and safety.

How does PicoWay work?

PicoWay works by using laser light to target unwanted skin pigmentations. The pulses break down the pigment in tiny particles that will be eliminated through the body’s natural processes. It has minimal downtime making it an effective skin solution for women on the go.

Pre/Post Care

Before getting the treatment our medical professionals will give a consultation and analysis of the patient’s skin condition. Our physician will help the patient prepare for the treatment and give aftercare once the procedure is done. Since PicoWay uses ultra-short light pulses, there is no major skin irritation and patients can go back to their usual activities. But it is always recommended to avoid rubbing and touching the treated skin and always keep the skin clean.


Vbeam Prima is the latest in the Vbeam series that treats vascular-related skin concerns. Vbeam Prima uses laser-energy to treat rosacea, port wine stains, facial and leg telangiectasia, benign pigment lesions, deep blue veins, wrinkles, acne vulgaris, benign cutaneous lesions and scars. This versatile laser treatment can be used for the face and the body.

How does Vbeam work?

Vbeam Prima is a pulsed dye laser, a concentrated light beam that is converted to heat which is absorbed by the blood vessel or the pigments on the skin cells. This removes the damaged blood vessels which are then flushed by the body.

Vbeam Prima uses 595nm ND 1064 nm wavelength that deeply penetrates the targetted blood vessels. It has a cooling system that gives consistent epidermal protection and helps in treating vascular and pigmented lesions at the same time.

How soon can the results be seen?

Improvements can be seen after the first few treatments. But this will depend on the skin condition and the reaction of the skin to the treatment. Some patients get full benefits after 4 to 8 weeks of treatment.


CO2RE is the first fully integrated CO2 laser. This skin resurfacing treatment diminishes wrinkles, sunspots and sagging skin. This ablative CO2 laser technology penetrates deep into the skin in one pass to enhance skin texture, smoothen surgical and acne scars.

How does CO2RE work?

CO2RE laser is an ablative fractional carbon dioxide laser that penetrates deep into the skin. The healing process encourages the healthy skin tissue to produce new skin cells giving the skin a younger and rejuvenated appearance.

Pre/Post Care

Before the treatment, avoid sun exposure and any tanning products. It is also recommended to decrease alcohol consumption. A retinol cream or hydrocortisone may be prescribed as a pretreatment cream. After the treatment, an ointment or serum will be applied. Our medical professionals will give aftercare advice that should be followed for safe and effective healing.


Accent Prime is an advanced work station for skin tightening, body and face contouring and skin resurfacing. The laser treatment combines Ultrasound to effectively disrupt stubborn fat cells and Radio Frequency to produce thermal deep heating to the tissue resulting in a more concentrated energy treatment increasing metabolism and disposal of toxins from the body. This also stimulates the growth of collagen making the skin tighter.

How does Accent Prime work?

Accent prime combines longitudinal and transverse Ultrasound wave energy that targets fat cells and leave the surrounding tissues unharmed. The shear wave vibrations create pressure that breaks down and releases the fat cells that are then discharged from the body through the lymphatic system.

laser treatment


Thermage FLX is the 4th generation, the latest and the most advanced version providing Faster algorithm for enhanced experience for both the clinicians and patients, utilising AccuREP technology ensuring patient comfort and efficacy. Thermage is well known for being the pioneer in non-invasive skin tightening since 2002 with more than 50 published peer review studies, greater than 6000 systems installed globally, and greater than 2 million treatments provided to date.

How does Thermage work?

Thermage FLX uses Radiofrequency to heat the deep collagen-rich layer of the skin. This causes collagen to contract and encourages the growth of new collagen which results in smoother and tighter skin after two months of treatment.

Post Care

Thermage FLX is a safe treatment with little or no downtime. Patients can go back to their normal routine right after the treatment. But for best results, it is advised to wear sunscreen to protect the skin from sun damage. Our medical professionals will give aftercare advice that should be followed for safe and effective healing.


Ulthera is a non-invasive procedure that uses Ultrasonic waves to improve the appearance of fine lines and to lift and tighten the skin on the chin, neck and brows.

How does Ulthera work?

Ulthera uses Ultrasonic waves that bypass the skin to deliver the right amount of energy and heat to the specific tissue that needs treatment. The energy regenerates the natural response of the skin to reproduce new collagen. This procedure allows for precise and consistent delivery of energy to the targeted layer of the tissue and avoiding other structures like the bones and blood vessels.

Ulthera can be customized to suit the skin of every patient. Before the treatment, our physicians will map out the skin to create a treatment plan for the patient.


Is PicoWay safe?

PicoWay is an FDA-approved laser treatment making it a safe option for the removal of unwanted pigments on the skin.

What are the side effects?

Side effects include swelling, redness, tingling sensation and pinpoint bleeding. However, these are all common side effects which will disappear.

How soon can the results be seen?

The results depend on how the skin reacts to the treatment. Some patients exhibit great improvement after the first session while some patients need multiple sessions.

Is Vbeam safe?

Vbeam is the first FDA-cleared pulsed-dye laser making it a safe option for the treatment of almost 20+ skin conditions.

How often can the Vbeam procedure be done?

This procedure should be done with 4 weeks interval in between sessions.

What are the side effects of Vbeam?

Side effects include redness, swelling, purplish skin and skin darkening. These are all common side effects that will disappear.

What is the downtime for CO2RE?

CO2RE is a fast treatment with little or no downtime.

What are the side effects of CO2RE?

After the treatment, the skin will feel swollen and raw. A cool compress can be applied to the affected area to reduce discomfort.

How soon can the results be seen?

CO2RE gives rapid results. Rejuvenated and smoothened skin can be seen after one treatment. For more pronounced skin lesions, multiple sessions may be required.

Is Accent Prime safe?

Accent Prime is a safe procedure that can be done not only to the body but on the face, neck and decolletage as well. Gradual heating and a built-in active cooling system make the treatment more comfortable.

What are the side effects of Accent Prime?

There are no side effects after the treatment.

How many sessions are needed to see results?

This is depending on the area that needs treatment but the recommended sessions are about 4 to 6 times. Positive effects can be seen after the second treatment.

What happens to the fats?

The fats that were broken down during the process exits the body through the lymphatic system.

Does Ulthera hurt?

There is a slight heating sensation that can be felt during the treatment. This is the ultrasound energy being delivered to the skin.

Are there any side effects?

The treated area may appear red and swollen but this will disappear after a few hours. Some patients may feel their skin to be delicate and tender to the touch but this is a normal reaction to the treatment and will disappear.

How many sessions are needed to see the results?

This depends on how the skin responds to ultrasound energy and the individual’s collagen-building process. Most patients only need one session but some will require multiple sessions. Also, remember that the skin’s aging process will not stop so touch-up is highly recommended.

How much does the procedure cost?

This treatment is custom to every patient’s needs hence there is no fixed price for the treatment.

Does Thermage hurt?

There will be a brief heating sensation when the tip of the device touches your skin. But it will be followed by a cooling sensation to reduce the discomfort.

How long does Thermage effect last?

The effect of the treatment will last from 1 to 2 years depending on the skin’s aging process. It is best to follow the physician’s aftercare advice to maximize the effect of the treatment.

How long does a treatment session last?

The results depend on how the skin reacts to the treatment. Some patients exhibit great improvement after the first session while some patients need multiple sessions.

How many treatments are needed to see the results?

After a single session, positive results can be seen. The result will improve overtime as the treatment progresses.

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