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At AF Aesthetics, we believe true beauty is holistic. We offer anti-ageing solutions and aesthetic services that tackle your concerns from a whole-body approach, combining high-tech tools with proven medical treatments to revitalise your appearance from head to toe. With the versatile Accent Prime system, we can address multiple body contouring and skin renewal goals simultaneously, providing maximum impact with minimal downtime.

Explore the possibilities during a consultation with the team at AF Aesthetics in Chatswood. This is the perfect time to ask questions about treatments, get advice and discover your best path forward.

What Is Accent Prime?

Accent Prime is an advanced workstation for body and face contouring, skin tightening and skin resurfacing. The platform utilises ultrasound energy to disrupt stubborn fat cells and radiofrequency energy to enhance the metabolism and disposal of toxins from the body. Combined, these two technologies deliver highly customised face and body contouring treatments. The Accent Prime treatment also stimulates collagen growth, making the skin tighter and smoother. This unique blend of technologies yields powerful results while reducing individual treatment time and the total number of treatment sessions.

How Does Accent Prime Work?

Accent Prime features a patented combination of two kinds of ultrasound wave energy.

When it enters the body, the ultrasound energy selectively targets fat cells and disrupts the outer membranes, leading to the gradual breakdown of the fat stored within. The surrounding tissue is unharmed, and the damaged fat cells are discharged from the body through the lymphatic system.

The radiofrequency energy is used for thermal tightening of the skin. Accent Prime’s controlled radiofrequency energy heats the tissue deep in the dermis layer, below the skin surface. This causes collagen fibres to shrink, creating a tightening effect, and stimulates new collagen growth for firmer, smoother, more youthful-looking skin over time.

The energy levels are customisable for tailored treatments of specific issues.

What Can Be Treated With Accent Prime?

Accent Prime treats the face and body, including areas that have previously been hard to treat. Some of the most popular areas for treatment include:

  • Face — restore skin elasticity and form, minimise wrinkles
  • Chin — reduce submental fat (“double chin”)
  • Neck — address skin laxity, improve contours
  • Arms — reduce excess fat and loose skin (“bingo wings”)
  • Back — smooth unwanted fat for a slimmer, fitter profile
  • Abdomen — reduce excess belly fat, tighten skin
  • Waist — minimise love handles
  • Buttocks — eliminate fat, smooth contours, tighten skin
  • Thighs — restore a smooth, taut appearance

Who Are Sydney Accent Prime Treatments For?

With so many treatment options, Accent Prime has benefits to offer a variety of patients. It is suitable for all skin types and can be customised to help with face and body contouring, skin tightening, cellulite reduction and skin rejuvenation. The ideal candidate for Accent Prime is an adult in good health who wishes to lift, tighten, tone, smooth and firm specific areas of the face or body without surgery.

A pre-treatment consultation is required to ascertain whether Accent Prime is right for you. The consultation helps ensure Accent Prime is the best option for your goals and allows us to design a tailor-made treatment plan based on your individual needs and requirements.

How Are Accent Prime Treatments Performed?

Though our Accent Prime treatments are powerful, they are relatively relaxing and straightforward. During a treatment session, the handpiece is applied directly to the treatment area, delivering either ultrasound or radiofrequency energy, or a combination of both, depending on your goals. A treatment can take as little as 20 minutes.

What Is the Expected Recovery After Accent Prime?

You can return to your normal activities as soon as your session is complete. There may be some redness and swelling in the treated area for the first day or two, but these effects are usually mild and not disruptive to daily life. Our medical professionals will provide you with any aftercare instructions that should be followed to ensure your comfort, safety and optimal results.

When Will I See Results From My Accent Prime Treatment?

You may notice initial improvements in skin firmness and smoothness right away. Within a few weeks, you may start to see more significant changes. Noticeable fat reduction occurs after your body has had time to break down and flush out the treated fat cells, and the maximum skin rejuvenation effect occurs once enough time has passed for your body to generate new collagen. Gradual improvements can continue for up to several months after a session.

How Many Accent Prime Treatments Will I Need?

Many patients can achieve a satisfying initial result with a single Accent Prime session. However, the best results often come after a series of several treatments, followed by regular maintenance sessions once or twice per year.

Reshape Your Life With Accent Prime in Sydney

At AF Aesthetics, we offer a number of noninvasive, energy-based treatments for body contouring, anti-ageing and skin rejuvenation. Helping you reach your unique aesthetic goals is our priority, so we always match you with the treatments that will achieve the best results for your body. Nothing is one-size-fits-all —- you will come away with a completely customised treatment plan tailored to you.

Contact us to learn more about Accent Prime, the next-generation body and face contouring and skin rejuvenation platform. We can be reached online or by phone on 8004 3323.


Does Accent Prime hurt?

There is little to no pain associated with the Accent Prime treatment. You may feel a mild warmth, but many patients say it feels like a massage, and the platform’s integrated cooling technology ensures maximum comfort during treatment.

Is Accent Prime safe? What are the side effects?

Accent Prime is considered a safe treatment for all skin types and for delicate body areas. Bruising, blistering and discolouration may occur, but these side effects are rare, particularly when the treatment is administered by a properly trained and experienced provider.

Can I lose weight with Accent Prime?

While Accent Prime can help you shed excess fat, it is not a weight-loss treatment and cannot significantly decrease your overall weight. It is best used in conjunction with a healthy eating plan and exercise programme.

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