Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

The appearance of the nose is critically important when talking about aesthetics and beauty. Not only is it one of the most eye-catching aspects of the face, but its shape and size also have an impact on all other facial features. A defined nose bridge with an elegant nasal tip is regarded as the ideal nose across many different cultures and ethnicities.

As nonsurgical alternatives become more and more sophisticated, there is less need to undergo invasive rhinoplasty surgery to get the desired results. The thread lift technique, which rose to popularity as a minimally-invasive alternative to facelift surgery, is now available as a nonsurgical treatment to augment the nose bridge and define the nasal profile.

What Is Nonsurgical Rhinoplasty?

A nose thread lift involves the careful placement of fine, dissolvable threads under the skin. Once in position, the threads act as a scaffold that elevates the nose bridge and reshapes the nasal tip. This is a convenient, effective option for patients who wish to avoid a more invasive procedure, or wish to “test drive” changes before making them permanent with surgical rhinoplasty. The procedure can be performed during a lunch hour and requires almost no downtime.

How Does a Nose Thread Lift Work?

A nose thread lift works in two ways.

The first method of function is mechanical. Tiny, painless “barbs” or “cones” on the threads grab onto the skin so that when the threads are gently pulled, there is a lifting effect. In this manner, the threads instantly prop up the nose tissues wherever they are placed.

The second function of a nose thread lift is biological. The barbs provoke a natural healing response that causes the body to direct surges of collagen to the treated area. This is similar to the principle behind chemical peels, microneedling and ablative laser resurfacing. The increased collagen provides additional support that can extend the results of the treatment.

Various materials are used to make threads, but all are biocompatible and specially designed for safe reabsorption into the body.

What Improvements Can Be Achieved With Nonsurgical Rhinoplasty?

A nonsurgical rhinoplasty using threads can:

  • Disguise a small bump on the nose bridge
  • Enhance the definition and projection of a flat bridge
  • Create the appearance of a longer nose bridge
  • Lift the nasal tip
  • Create a sharper nose tip
  • Straighten a crooked nose
  • Make the nose appear smaller
  • Make a wide bridge appear narrower
  • Balance the nose with other facial features

The effects are subtle but impactful. Even a millimetre change in the angle of tip projection or the height of the nose bridge can dramatically improve a patient’s facial profile and overall facial harmony.

Who Is a Sydney Nose Thread Lift Suitable For?

A nonsurgical rhinoplasty with threads is suitable for both women and men. When determining whether a nose thread lift is the most appropriate treatment for a patient, one of the most decisive considerations is the patient’s goals.

This technique can only reshape the nose by adding to it, not by removing volume. A nose thread lift is not a substitute for nose surgery that involves removing cartilage or bone from the nose. A thread lift also cannot repair a deviated septum or alleviate breathing issues. Patients who are looking for dramatic improvement, structural changes or correction of functional problems may find that surgical rhinoplasty is a better fit for their needs.

For the right patient, nonsurgical rhinoplasty is a safe and effective alternative to a surgical procedure that involves anaesthesia, incisions, an extended recovery period and a greater initial financial investment. The ideal Sydney nose thread lift candidate desires mild to moderate augmentation and lifting to enhance the appearance of their nose. They must be in good general health and have realistic expectations about the results threads can achieve.

How Is a Nonsurgical Rhinoplasty With Threads Performed?

To perform this treatment, your AF Aesthetics doctor will first take measurements and draw markings on your nose to guide the placement of the threads. Your nose will be numbed with a topical anaesthetic and local anaesthesia to ensure you remain comfortable throughout the procedure.

Using a small needle, your doctor will create an entry point for thread insertion. They will then guide the threads into place with a blunt cannula. The cannula is removed after the threads are inserted and the threads remain, providing lift and correction. A nose thread lift can be completed in under an hour.

What Is the Expected Recovery After Nonsurgical Rhinoplasty?

You may resume your daily activities immediately after your nose thread lift. Mild bruising, swelling, tightness and tenderness in the treated area are expected for a few days after the procedure. Over-the-counter medication can be taken as needed for post-treatment comfort. If your doctor prescribes medications, take them as prescribed until the course of treatment is complete.

To minimise side effects and maximise your results, temporarily stop consuming alcohol and supplements that may worsen bruising. Refrain from rubbing or exfoliating your nose after the procedure. Follow any other aftercare instructions provided, and return for your scheduled follow-up visit so your doctor can monitor the healing process.

When Will I See Results From My Nonsurgical Rhinoplasty?

Results are visible right away. As soon as the threads are inserted, they will lift and reshape your nose. Collagen regeneration occurs over time and can last three to six months.

How Long Do Nonsurgical Rhinoplasty Results Last?

On average, the results of a nonsurgical rhinoplasty with threads last between one and two years. The threads dissolve after nine months, but the increased nose height and projection will continue for a while. Your results may last longer if the treatment is repeated nine months after the initial treatment.

With the stimulation of collagen in the nose, some permanent lifting may occur.

Schedule Your Sydney Nonsurgical Rhinoplasty Consultation Today

Rhinoplasty is one of the top five most popular surgical procedures worldwide, according to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. For women and men interested in the benefits of cosmetic nose enhancement without the discomfort, expense or downtime of surgery, a nonsurgical rhinoplasty may be an alternative option.

At AF Aesthetics, our doctors are highly qualified medical providers with a combined experience of over 50 years. We perform all treatments in a safe and professional clinic environment, with strict hygiene standards, modern tools and technologies, and the latest treatment techniques. Contact us for your nose lift assessment today!


Nose thread lift vs. filler — what is the difference?

Dermal fillers may also be used for nonsurgical nose enhancement. Like threads, they can achieve improvements that require the addition of volume, but not improvements that require the removal of volume. Our doctors prefer to perform nonsurgical rhinoplasty with threads for various reasons that can be discussed during your consultation.

How many threads will I need?

The number of threads required varies according to the individual patient’s needs. Your doctor will decide upon the number of threads required after assessing the structure of your nose and your desired outcome during a consultation. In most cases, multiple threads are used, sometimes over the course of several sessions.

Will a nose thread lift affect breathing?

No, this procedure will not impact your breathing because it does not affect the internal nasal cavity. It will neither worsen your breathing if it is normal nor improve your breathing if it is obstructed.

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