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Without a doubt, your mouth is a focal point of your face. When you speak, smile or laugh, your lips are the centre of attention, and how they look can profoundly impact how you see yourself. Lip fillers are one of our most popular treatments. A bespoke look is created for each patient, so you can make precisely the statement you want and enjoy a result that looks and feels natural.

AF Aesthetics is a doctor-led clinic focused on nonsurgical aesthetic procedures. Our specialist doctors have a combined experience of over 50 years and have helped hundreds of patients achieve their appearance goals. We’d love to do the same for you. Contact us today to schedule your lip fillers appointment.

What Are Lip Fillers?

Today’s physicians and patients have an array of injectable dermal fillers to choose from. The formulations vary in their consistency, how long they last and the areas of the body they are best suited for. For lip enhancement, fillers made with a naturally occurring sugar molecule are preferred. These fillers are well-tolerated by most patients and unlikely to cause an allergic reaction. Some are made specifically for the lips, while others are used in various parts of the face.

How Do Lip Fillers Work?

The sugar molecule in our lip fillers naturally attracts water to itself. When injected into the lips, it adds immediate volume that supports the tissue and starts drawing water to the area, creating a natural, plumped appearance. The injections may also help stimulate collagen production, which can have extended beneficial effects for the delicate skin of the lips. Over time, the body’s natural processes will break down and absorb the ingredients of the filler, but the new collagen will remain. Ongoing treatments are required to maintain the full results of a lip filler treatment.

What Can Be Treated With Lip Fillers?

What Can Be Treated With Lip Fillers?

AF Aesthetics patients seek lip enhancement for a variety of reasons and in many stages of life. Lip fillers may be right for you if:

  • You want to increase the volume of naturally thin lips
  • You want a fuller, more sensuous look
  • You want softer, smoother lips
  • You want a larger canvas for makeup application
  • You want to improve the shape of your lips
  • You want to correct asymmetry
  • You want to enhance your cupid’s bow
  • You want more defined lip borders
  • You want to improve the balance of your facial features
  • You want to reduce fine lines around your lips
  • You want to reduce age-related volume loss

Who Are Sydney Lip Fillers For?

Since the human body makes the main ingredient in our lip fillers on its own, the procedure is safe for most people and significant side effects are rare. The ideal candidates for lip injections are physically healthy and have realistic expectations for the outcome of the procedure. A face-to-face consultation with one of our medical professionals is the best way for us to learn more about you and assess your suitability for this treatment.

How Are Lip Filler Treatments Performed?

When you visit our Chatswood clinic for lip fillers, your lips will be cleansed and sterilised, and a topical anaesthetic may be administered for your comfort. A small needle or cannula will then be used to inject the filler into the targeted areas, and it may be massaged or shaped to achieve the best effect.

We know that injections can be intimidating, especially in such a delicate area. Fortunately, most patients report minimal discomfort, and our medical professionals will do their best to provide the most comfortable and calming experience possible.

What Is the Expected Recovery After Lip Filler Injections?

Lip fillers are so convenient that many patients choose to schedule appointments during their lunch hours. There is no required downtime, and you may resume most of your usual daily activities straight away. Please avoid strenuous exercise, alcohol consumption and excessive exposure to heat and sun for 24 hours.

With any type of injection, swelling, bruising and soreness can occur in the injected area. These effects are temporary and usually mild, but be sure to plan ahead and account for them if you are scheduling a treatment in the middle of a busy day or around a major event.

How Long Does It Take for Lip Fillers to Work?

You will see an immediate difference in your lips after the injections, though it will not represent your final result. Your lips may look larger (due to swelling) and more red than they will ultimately be, and the filler will need time to settle into place and integrate with your tissues. Give your lips at least 48 hours before assessing your results.

How Long Do Lip Fillers Last?

Lip fillers typically last anywhere from six to 12 months. In that time, the product will slowly disintegrate and be absorbed by your body. We recommend topping up your fillers once or twice per year to enjoy your results indefinitely.

For Natural Lip Fillers in Sydney, Contact AF Aesthetics

At AF Aesthetics, our doctors will guide you through your treatment options and design a bespoke approach just for you. Your lip fillers will be tailored to suit your unique facial structure and goals, so you leave our care with the gorgeous, natural results you expect. Make an appointment to find out if lip fillers are the right fit for you. AF Aesthetics can be reached online or by phone on 8004 3323.


Can lip fillers be removed if I change my mind?

Our lip fillers can be dissolved if you decide you no longer want them. This is done by injecting an enzyme that breaks down the filler at an accelerated rate. Your lips will return to their natural size and shape.

Will lip fillers look natural?

With the right type of filler and the right injection technique, your lips can look and feel natural. The best approach is to start with a small amount of filler and gradually increase over time. This ensures you don’t overestimate how full you want your lips to be and end up with the overfilled ‘trout pout’ look.

Lip fillers vs. lip flip — what is the difference?

A lip flip uses anti-wrinkle injections to relax a muscle that controls the top lip. It does not add any volume, but it creates the illusion of a fuller top lip by causing it to ‘flip’ outwards. Fillers directly add volume and provide definition, and can be used in both the upper and lower lips.

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